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-Moving spiders. If they're dead, I can kind of recover from the shock, but if not, I go ballistic.
-Being trapped under the blankets. I have to know that I can escape from being under the blanket in order to remain calm.
-Being home alone at night. I'm scared there'll be ghosts, rapists, murderers, and/or thieves hiding in the attic.

Pet Peeves:
-Loud people that boast in the most obnoxious manner.
-Teen stars


-Pixar (and Pixar alone)
-The Weasley Family
-David Suzuki
-Arthur's Smoothies
-Paul Newman
-Bob Dylan
-Movie Nights
-Autumn (although this year's was a little disappointing)
-Harry Potter
-Sandra's Harry Potter References
-Hitchhiker's Guide
-Crossword Puzzles
-The smell of old books.
-The feel of old books.

-Old books
-A whole jumble of stars (and being able to identify them)
-Nippy weather


-Using a clean piece of paper. I get antsy when I do.
-Hair loss
-Days where I sleep at 3 or later
-Being unable to finish a book
-Unbelievably unsanitary guests
-Cleaning. Although sometimes I get a high off of cleaning if I'm in the zone

-To work for the Ministry of Natural Resources
-To get married. To someone preferably nice.
-To live a pretty humble life
-To give birth to Harry Potter--not Twilight--fans.


Writer's Block: Seeing stars

Which character from any film, television show, or book would you most like to take on a date and why?

A couple of months ago I would've answered with Jim Halpert from The Office. He's charismatic, funny and sweet; but, seeing as he's very perfectly matched with someone else (which isn't entirely true, because sometimes I sense an edge in Pam's voice when she's talking to him), I'm going with Butch Cassidy cause he's such a charmer (and bonus: he's Paul Newman. Ohhhhh).
I wouldn't mind Mr. Tilney from Northanger Abbey either. Yes. Scrap Butch Cassidy, Mr. Tilney is the way to go. He's every wonderful adjective in the English language. And he's British.

This post just makes me feel lonely.

Rambles No. 2

Ok this is the second rambling. I don't think I'll be much better from my previous entry, but who knows? Maybe I have. I still don't have a topic for today. I'm looking around and trying to find something to write about. Maybe I should think of a topic before I write these thigns. Hmm. Well ok I'll try telling a story. But I warn you (you whoever is reading. Usually just Arms and Ems), I never do things in chronologic order and I always forget something. Something important. Ok so here we go.
One time, I don't know if it was grade 8, 7, 6 or 5. Probably not 6 or 5. I think 7. No 8. Anyway, sometime in Middle School, after school middle school, after carpooling with Stephen back home, I spotted this Shih Tzu (is that spelling...right?). It was on that big house's lawn, and TO ME it looked pretty lost. So I grabbled Lindsay ( who I also carpooled with. Info #1 that I forgot to mention), ran out of our neighbourhood, grabbed the dog, and ran back. It was probably an act of despiration more than salvation. We kept the dog for a while. Oh by the way it was my birthday. (#2). So we took the dog back to my house and played with it for a while. It was a Friday, and so more than a few churchees would come and celebrate me birthday. I'll skip some details but later on my dad told me to throw it on the street and make it go home to it's owner. He didn't say it...like that, but that's how I felt he meant it. But my parents later went to a party room with the other adult churchees, so they couldn't stop me from finding the dog on the streets and bringing him back to our house. P.S. it was raining so I felt kinda bad for the dog. Later, Lindsay comes back to my house (oh yeah I forgot to tell you, she left my house a little before the churchees came. #4) and brings us this poster that says LOST DOG: $1,000.00 REWARD. So we called them, and boy did they sound...crap I don't have a word for how they sounded but know that there is a word that describes how they sounded, and that some day I will come back to this and tell you YES! THAT'S THE WORD. Ok moving on and skipping some, we called them, they came, and they left. Later we got a call that started like, "So about the money..." My sister picked up, and being the responsible and good-samaritan-y one, she told them, "hey don't worry about it." At first I was like what the hell do you think you're doing. I found the dog, I want the money. But it's good that I didn't. Cause a few days later I saw the dog again on the same lawn doing the same thing it did the first time I saw it. And right behind him was his family, in the backyard.

Ugh that's a long story. And a terribly butchered one. You know, the story wouldn't be half as bad if I hadn't told it the way I did. And no one's gonna want to read something that long. should I make the font bigger? Does that help?

Rambles No. 1

I'm gonna write everything that comes to mind. My teacher has been telling us to try this, as this is the way brilliant writers write. I have to say this isn't the easiest thing to do, and reviewing what I wrote has become a habit. Now what do I write about? I'm always stuck and I can't really allow my thoughts to flow. They never flow. Even when I'm reading I'll get sidetracked and not take in anything that I've read. It's an awful thing to happen, time consuming and irksome. Ugh what to write about what to write about. Think. THINK. I'm gonna have to practice this every day cause this blog is ridiculously pointless. House. HOUSE! What a lovely episode of house. I was reading blogs about it and they called this episode something, but I forgot what they called it. Stand alone episode? Something along the lines of that. But I have to say, it was one of the best episodes of House that I have ever seen. Usually I hate it when familiar characters come out of their habitual plotline, even if I am tired of the plotline. A perfect example of this is the dreadful show, Joey, which was cancelled probably before they could get a DVD release of their first season. But I wouldn't know. Usually I would research my info before I write about it. Oh shit, I just read over what I wrote. Am I not allowed to do that? This is a good length. I think I should stop writing. Oh gosh it's 12:40.


Oh. My. Lord.
This years was amazing. AMAZING!!!
I mean I thought it'd be a disappointment, and that Hugh Jackman was a mistake
but I was wrong! SOOOO SO WRONG!
And I don't know who they put in charge but I hope they got a big fat paycheck and are planning for next year.

Hugh Jackman.
He's like the second Billy Crystal.
Thank GOD this year's oscars worked out.
I think everyone was losing faith in award shows.
Like, I can't even remember much about last year's.

Kate Winslet won! :D
That was expected.
But I would have never guessed that Penelope Cruz would've won.
Nor that Waltz with Bashir would've lost.
And I thought that Mickey Rourke was like guaranteed the Best Actor spot.
Not that I object to Sean Pen winning. His speech was really touching.

Mr. Remarque Toronto Star Pink Floyd

My history teacher recommended us this book called All Quiet on the Western Front.
Apparently it's the "greatest war book of all time".
It's really sad though; and our teacher told us about this one part and...
Ok too much detail to go through.
Should probably get the movie.

Oh my gosh.
Toronto Star said so much crap about Patrick Chan, the poor guy.
I thought they were a reliable news source!
They were going on about how cocky he was and it was really just a bunch of crap.
Stupid Toronto Star. Even though they have a great comic section on Saturdays.

Mmmm the genious of Ping Floyd

Currently listening to: Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky


Oh my lord.
After that halftime show, Bruce Springsteen seems like the coolest guy.
His goatie, his swooshing guitar moves, his funny little comments.

Also, Alex Hindmarch is so funny.
WOOH Weekdays at 7!



Best Christmas Ever?

this is the year I first tried snowboarding.
The first few rides down the hill were horrible. I kept going to the left and bumping into trees and tripping on the snow.
But once I got the hang of it, or well...learned to do the "falling leaf" (the names sound like cheasy ninja moves), it was amazing fun.

I also watched Benjamin Button. The 3 Hours of watching Brad Pitt turn younger was nice. Good movie. David Fincher is awesome.

Seriously, it was crazy. I haven't seen Guy Pearce in so long. It was nice. It was nice.

I had so much more I wanted to say. I just can't remember it.


Thaats where I first heard of his name.
Gosh....I love the Outsiders.